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About Us

WatAdventure is an interactive publishing company from Manchester, UK. We make books, games, maps, and cartoons for our fans all over the world.

We are different to other publishers because we involve our fans in almost all of our projects. We call on them to make art, help us write the story, and make decisions on how the product will be made.

We are a small team and we have lots of fun making our books, maps and games. It involves a lot of research, hours and hours of discussions and then the magic bit where we have to get creative. For us, nothing is more fantastic than seeing our fans interact with our projects. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Meet the team!

Photo of Mark Gray

Mark Gray

Photo of Richard David Lawman

Richard David Lawman
Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Katie Williams

Katie Williams

Creating something special

10K+ kids collaborated with us over 3 projects

Futurebook 2018 shortlist

5 star rating reviews

Photo of WatAdventure in Australia

WatAdventure in Australia

Picture book

Photo of From The Sewer To The Stars

From The Sewer To The Stars

Personalised Graphic Novel

Photo of I Want To Leave This Book!

I Want To Leave This Book!

Picture Book, Brexit explained for kids

Photo of Australia Map

Australia Map


Screenshot of WatAdventure Kids

WatAdventure Kids

Online platform

Photo of WatAdventure in Australia

Australian Adventure

After agreeing a partnership with SuperAwesome to reach thousands of users on their PopJam app, we launched a series of creative collaborations with our swelling fanbase. In return, WatAdventure provided PopJam logo visibilty on the book’s rear cover in addition to positive PR which resulted from the unique partnership.

FutureBook logo
PopJam logo

Children's picture book (2018)

FutureBook 2018 'Highly commended'

7K kids collaborated to make book

  • Kids created artwork by decorating boomerangs, of which 10 appeared hidden in book as a post-story puzzle
  • Kids designed a flag to fly on WataBus, the winning design would give that child a starring role in the story
  • Kids took part in 3 creative collaborations over the course of several weeks from April to May 2018
  • Lola (aged 10, from Plymouth) won and became the lead character of the book
  • 1000 runners up saw their flag designs made into the endpapers
Illustration of Lola sat on a rock

Comic Collab

Photo of Saving Slimetown

In June 2019, WatAdventure worked with three kids platforms, PopJam, GoBubble and Kidzworld to give kids the chance to create artwork, write and star in a comic about water.

Kidzworld logo
GoBubble logo
PopJam logo
  • Six kids won starring roles in the comic by entering via WatAdventure's kids platform
  • Kids created artwork for the comic, drawing two outfits worn by the WatAdventurers on their mission to save Greenlake from water pollution
  • Kids voted in polls to decide which code names would be assigned to the WatAdventurers

WatAdventure became known as that publisher who explained Brexit. The characters Sirius and Jiblets starred, and our love of comedy came across by depicting David Cameron as a pig, Theresa May as a hamster and Boris Johnson as a highland cow.

Grabbing the attention:
worldwide media, TV, radio, online, newspapers

Media reaction:
"I urge you to read this book!"