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Children's Bedtime Story Book - Brexit Explained For Kids - 'I Want To Leave This Book!'


“I want to leave this book” breaks down Brexit into a kids story about choice, democracy and why it’s important to understand one another. Only £9.99.


A bedtime story book for kids which will help them understand Brexit!

A book gaining INTERNATIONAL attention - the book that explains Brexit for Kids... and adults!

What happens when half of the characters don't like the book they're in? What happens when half of the characters vote to leave? And what happens when they get told the zombie unicorns are coming?

Brexit boiled down into a children's story about choice, democracy and why it's important to understand one another... before the pages run out.

36pp fully illustrated picture book

2 dedicated "Brexit Explained" pages detailing the events of Brexit, definitions and explanations of one of the most important but most complex political issues in British history.

Book released 11pm 31st October 2019 - on the original Brexit Deadline Day

We will revisit the book in a few weeks... if Brexit happens!