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Save Our Zoo - mindfulness colouring book


adult colouring book mindfulness save chester zoo

A brilliant, beautiful and hilarious colouring book that inspires mindfulness whilst helping save Chester Zoo!

The proceeds from the book will be donated to Chester Zoo, with your support we can educate people about the animals, the struggles they face and allow Chester zoo to continue their amazing conservation work for years to come!

For the zoo, for you!

In recent months it has become more and more important to look after our mental health. By pledging you’ll be taking a step to support your own wellbeing. The beautifully detailed pages of the colouring book can be used as a form of mindfulness as well an opportunity to boost your creativity.

Artistic Alliance.

The creative industry has also taken a hit in recent months, freelance illustrators have been left without projects, so I wanted to give them a meaningful challenge to keep inspired. That’s why this colouring book celebrates artistic talent from across the world. The spotlight is as much on our illustrators as it is the animals of the zoo.